Analytics that drive financial, clinical, and operational growth for your pharmacy

Actionable Data

Meaningful Reporting

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MYDATAMART is a comprehensive business intelligence tool that unlocks the power of your data to allow your pharmacy to thrive in today’s complex and competitive marketplace. This pharmacy-centric tool helps you pinpoint specific opportunities to drive better business results and improve patient care.

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“Customer Service is EXCEPTIONAL thanks to YOU! It's just great having the convenience of an expert on hand to create those reports that are harder to design. The information we can obtain may not be exact due to the way that our billing software is used, but it does give us a good representation of the data we are looking to analyze. Thank you again for all of your help!!” ~ L. W.

“WOW!! Y’all are just awesome. I have been using the RxCompass every day. The e mails are very valuable and they do make a difference in catching the Rx’s that was processed with low U&C or we have used the more expensive NDC while adjusting while we actually dispensed the cheaper one, which that helps our business office to see the actual $$ coming in. The missed fill report is very beneficial so we may increase our star rating. The customer service is amazing. And I believe my marketer reached out to you guys and she was amazed as much with the level of knowledge and courtesy.” ~ M. A.

  • Identifies top areas of improvement through Key Performance Indicators
  • Emphasizes low-hanging fruit opportunities for valuable improvement
  • Allows you to drill into reports and filter and sort data to identify areas of greatest opportunity
  • Compares the performance of your store or group of stores to preset goals across important metrics
  • Provides robust business intelligence and analytical reporting to help you grow and manage your pharmacy business
  • Highlights important areas of the pharmacy business through daily reports
  • Allows you to receive many of your favorite reports via email according to a schedule that meets your business needs
  • Optimizes profitability and business growth through greater claims, product, and patient-level visibility
  • Enhances Star Ratings performance through elevated awareness of medication adherence, refill frequency, and quality performance
  • Leverages easy-to-use interactive dashboards
  • Enables you to create customized ad hoc reports through simple drag-and-drop filters
  • Fosters powerful business insights to enhance your pharmacy’s impact on patient care, while improving profitability