See how FDS MYDATAMART can help your pharmacy

The purpose-built care solution for community pharmacies designed to:

Unlock the power of your data for accurate snapshots into performance

Get daily, weekly, and monthly reporting on key metrics like refills on time, missing patients, drugs sold at a loss, questionable or open claims, and more
Automate key reporting to drive accountability for patient calls, verify costs, and catch billing errors before they hit your bottom line

Drive growth and open up new opportunities for care with intelligent analytics

You know the pressure is on. You need to take a more active approach to managing your business, and your patients. Easier said than done. Until you start using FDS MyDataMart.

Dial in adherence ratings

  • Track patient refill activity and prioritize outreach based on factors like gaps in therapy and refill gross margin
  • Improve Star Ratings by zeroing in on optimal patients for med sync or automatic refill programs
  • Prioritize patients taking insulin but not filling needles, strips, or test meters, and market and bundle diabetic supplies

Bring lost & missing patients back

  • Losing a patient doesn’t just mean losing a prescription fill — it means missing out on a consistent, recurring source of revenue. Let FDS MYDATAMART deliver insights on lost and missing patients.
  • Prioritize outreach, improve adherence, boost Star Ratings, and drive better patient outcomes.

Stop selling drugs at a loss with advanced analytics

Already squeezed by low reimbursement rates and razor-thin margins on medications? Stop selling drugs at a loss before medications are picked up.

Increase your profitability with each script: FDS customers using sold-at-a-loss reporting boosted profitability by an average of 66 cents per Rx over just a 30-day period

One pharmacy using sold-at-a-loss reporting found a $10,000 medication that was billed incorrectly, catching the mistake before the billing was processed

We strengthen the health of pharmacies and their patients

Providing pharmacies with the tools for business and clinical empowerment. Become a New Era Pharmacy and a trusted community caregiver at the center of your patients’ value-based care team.

12,000+ customers and counting

We work with leading PSAOs, GPOs and PMSs to equip community pharmacies with the tools to become the focal point of their community’s care team

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