Improved cash flow and optimized reimbursements for the New Era Pharmacy

Transform your practice into a New Era Pharmacy — Embrace patient care services

Bill for any medical service with FDS MedBill

Take better care of your patients, drive more business, and optimize reimbursements for all types of patient care services:

Flu shots and immunizations
Supplies and medical equipment
Diabetes prevention programs
Diabetes self-management training
Oral anti-cancer, respiratory, and immunosuppressive drugs
Transitional care management
Biometric screening
Smoking cessation
Medical nutrition therapy
Diagnostic testing, including UTI, influenza, and strep

Improve your cash flow with automatic medical bill claims submissions

Here’s one more reason for you to consider FDS MedBill — Simplify the claims process under the medical benefit. Use FDS MedBill to manage billing and eligibility for all payer types: Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, and private.

Get electronic eligibility verification and eliminate costly manual billing services

Track refills, rentals, secondary, and held claims

Automatically set influenza/pneumococcal rates to ensure accurate billing

Put a stop to medical billing errors and streamline processes

Expand medical services without the administrative burden. Maintain healthy cash flow and put an end to time-intensive and error-prone manual processes:

CheckManage claim responses from payers
CheckSee claims status and management through queues
CheckTrack refills, rentals, secondary, and held claims
CheckSee explanation of benefits tracking and repository

Get reports automatically

Dial down into current and historical claims so you can keep billing on track from anywhere.

View and verify


Claims history: See all claims sent within a given time period and check the status of each one


Secondaries: Track all secondary claims sent through FDS MedBill and see the status


Diabetic Programs: Diabetic Rebate claims are captured and processed to be submitted to the manufacturer for you


Export Reports: Get reports when you need them, review claims and status to make corrections easily


EOB/835: See explanation of benefits/835 information sent back by payers

+ Level up with FDS MedBill Plus

Yes, it gets better. Our premium service features all of the above, plus next-level services like these:

Auto Secondary: Automatically bills a claim to the secondary payer on file to cover any balance left from the primary payer

Auto Rental Billing: Automatically creates and bills claims for all rental months when an item is billed initially as a rental

Dedicated Reconciliation: Includes access to EConcile claims reconciliation for medical billing claims at no additional charge

Go further with FDS MedBill Clinical

Upgrade to our clinical version to take advantage of additional features like these:

Clinical Documentation Platform: Create, document, and update comprehensive patient eCare plans with ease

Point-of-Care Education: Gain access to exclusive training programs (including training for COVID-19 testing)

PTAN/CLIA/NPI Support: Let our team of experts complete necessary enrollment applications for you

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