Faster, Smarter, More Affordable Patient Management for your Pharmacy

Smart Patient Prioritization

Consolidated Care Delivery

Measurable Clinical Results

Mike Halliwell | Director of Pharmacy & Whole Health at Balls Food Stores

“ENGAGE offers talking points without hesitancy. It’s all data-driven and pre-set based on initial customizations, so it eliminates uncertainty. We now have definitive workflows for pharmacists, as well as alerts and reminders to pharmacy techs and staff to better care for our patients.”

ENGAGE is a comprehensive patient management solution that helps you efficiently prioritize and deliver on all clinical opportunities, improve Star Ratings, and strengthen the relationships you have with your patients.

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  • Easily identifies which patients to help first through comprehensive scoring of clinical opportunities and dashboard view
  • Proactively manages patient opportunities for population health and value-based care initiatives
  • Configurable to meet the goals of your pharmacy
  • Merges Star Ratings, CMR, MTM, med sync, immunization, and other opportunities in a single patient management portal
  • Streamlines clinical work and reduces the number of tools and touchpoints needed to provide high-quality care
  • Increases staff awareness and accountability for clinical opportunities
  • Coordinates and manages automated patient outreach and personalized messaging
  • Integrates patient management activities into current workflow
  • Tracks and monitors performance improvement across the various clinical opportunities
  • Provides an in-depth look at medication history and adherence
  • Delivers actionable results by allowing you to zero in on problem areas, specific opportunities, or individual payers

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