Chief Clinical Officer

Clinical Leader at FDS

Position: Chief Clinical Officer

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Job Summary

The Chief Clinical Officer is the lead clinical expert in the company and a key member of the executive management team. The Chief Clinical Officer represents the voice of the pharmacist for key activities inside and outside the company. This position is expected to demonstrate thought leadership in strategy development and promoting use of FDS technology in the pharmacy industry. The Chief Clinical Officer directly manages the BSC team, which provides support to the pharmacies using our population health and BI products.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Sales Support

Partner with sales leadership to engage key accounts during strategic opportunity sales cycle. Provide clinical expertise and credibility throughout sales process. Participate in sales calls and presentations.

Product Development Support

Collaborate with product development team to support enhancement of current products and development of new products. Provide “voice of the Pharmacist” to development efforts.

Lead Business Solution Consultant (BSC) Team

Lead, manage and develop, team of BSC’s to successfully execute responsibilities and achieve business objectives. BSC responsibilities include:

  • Customer support of use and adoption of FDS products
  • Sales activity support
  • Product development input

Industry Relations and Promotion

Engage in industry activities to represent and promote FDS and its business objectives.

  • Participate in and speak at Pharmacy industry conferences and tradeshows.
  • Publish papers and articles related to use of technology by Pharmacies.

Marketing Liaison

Collaborate with and support FDS Marketing group’s efforts to promote products. Draw on clinical and industry expertise to support value proposition, messaging and program development.

Strategy Development

Participate with executive leadership in strategy development efforts. Provide thought leadership and voice of pharmacist to product and company strategy efforts. Lead, manage and develop, team of BSC’s to successfully execute responsibilities and achieve business success.

Customer Advisory Board / Customer Relationship Support

Establish and recruit members of the Customer Advisory Board (CAB). Plan and coordinate regular CAB meetings. Establish relationships with key customer and leverage clinical knowledge to advance FDS reputation and business objectives.

Position Qualifications:

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) degree. 10+ years of experience in Pharmacy industry. Experience working directly in pharmacies and with pharmacy information systems.



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