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We strengthen the health of pharmacies and their patients. At FDS, we help our clients build the clinically focused New Era Pharmacy, enabling their business to thrive now and successfully transition to a provider of community and population health with data, technology, and clinical services.

We’re not just a technology company but a team of pharmacy experts with experience and playbooks developed from our work with more than 10,000 pharmacies and partnerships with leading PSAOs. Our clients have improved adherence and care coordination in their communities while achieving significant increases to revenue and profitability.

MYDATAMART is the comprehensive business intelligence tool that empowers you to thrive in today’s competitive market. By providing a detailed look at your pharmacy’s data, MYDATAMART can help you better manage pharmacy operations and increase profits.

ENGAGE is an efficient, coordinated service to meet the growing demands of Star Ratings, adherence and P4P measures while strengthening your patient relationships. Create and manage medication synchronization plans, take advantage of additional revenue from MTM and Immunization opportunities, and more from within one central location.

ECONCILE® is a cost-effective way to assist pharmacy staff in managing third-party receivables and monitoring third-party payments on prescription and DME claims. There is no software to install or maintain.

EZDME billing service is a low-cost solution that bills, tracks, and reconciles DME claims. EZDME Billing Services help you submit DME claims without tedious paper forms, custom hardware, or special software to purchase or install.

CENTRALPAY Services are provided by FDS for several of the largest PSAOs in the community pharmacy market. We provide our partners with a customized solution with easy to understand dashboards so your member pharmacies can easily see where their money is allocated.

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