Providing solutions that improve
the health of pharmacies and their patients.


FDS is committed to delivering innovative healthcare solutions that address the many complexities and pain points that the pharmacy profession faces every day.

• We leverage our knowledge, expertise, and partnerships to help change the way care is delivered.

• Our state-of-the-art solutions are deployed in over 15,000 pharmacies nationwide.

• Our cloud-based platforms are simple and easy to use.

• FDS develops solutions that are unique and specific to client goals and objectives, and some of our biggest strengths are agility and nimbleness with customization.

• We are a trusted partner who is committed to your business, your patients, and your success.

What We Do

FDS technology provides multiple benefits, helping your pharmacies grow, improve efficiency, and deliver better patient outcomes, as well as positively impacting your own bottom line.


  • Support with reimbursement
  • Inventory controls and growth
  • DIR fees and reimbursement models
  • Script growth and patient retention


  • Value based models of care and payment
  • Star Ratings performance
  • Top of license practice
  • Population Health focus


  • Improve efficiency
  • Time management
  • Labor costs
  • Expense optimization

MYDATAMART is the comprehensive business intelligence tool that empowers you to thrive in today’s competitive market. By providing a detailed look at your pharmacy’s data, MYDATAMART can help you better manage pharmacy operations and increase profits.

Comprehensive Business Intelligence Tool

Real-time Actionable Intelligence

Machine Learning on Patient Impacts

Interactive Dashboards

Design Reports to Suit Your Business Needs

Tools to Build an Action Plan for Increasing Profitability

ENGAGE is an efficient, coordinated service to meet the growing demands of Star Ratings, adherence, and P4P measures while strengthening your patient relationships. Create and manage medication synchronization plans, take advantage of additional revenue from MTM and Immunization opportunities, and more from within one central location.

Pharmacist-Facing, Web-Based Application

Mines, Scores, and Ranks Patient Engagement

Identifies Opportunities from Store Data

Enables Efficiency Through Automated Messaging

Provides both Proactive and Reactive Functionality

Facilitates the Documentation of Clinical Interventions to Assess Value and Performance

ECONCILE® is a cost-effective way to assist pharmacy staff in managing third-party receivables and monitoring third-party payments on prescription claims. There is no software to install or maintain.

Cloud-Based Receivables Management

Automated Processing of 835s

Dynamic Receivables Aging Tracking

Identifies Revenue Leakage

Robust Reporting

FDS Reconciliation Analyst Assistance

EZDME billing service is a low-cost solution that bills, tracks, and reconciles DME claims. EZDME Billing Services help you submit DME claims without tedious paper forms, custom hardware, or special software to purchase or to install.

Eliminate Costly Manual Billing Service Fee

Faster Reimbursements via Electronic Processing

Extensive Front End Editing on Claims

Immunization Billing with Administration Fee

Billing for Primary and Secondary Claims

Eligibility Verification

FDS is a leading provider of CENTRALPAY Services for several of the largest PSAOs in the community pharmacy market. We provide our partners with a customized solution with easy-to-understand dashboards so your member pharmacies can easily see where their money is allocated.

Speeds Payments to your Pharmacies

Reduces Likelihood of Late or Missing Payments

Customized, Tailored Solutions

Robust Reporting

Dashboard Driven Reporting

Integrates Directly to ECONCILE Reconciliation Services

Our Emerging Technology Team is Focused on Bringing New Solutions to the Changing Healthcare Marketplace.

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