Patient Messaging

With myPharmacyConnect, our powerful, easy-to-use patient communication system, you can connect with patients like never before. Patients can request prescription refills, receive important refill reminders, be alerted when medications are ready for pick up and much more – right from their computer or mobile device, 24 hours a day.

Online Refills

Refilling a prescription is as simple as selecting it from the profile and clicking the submit button. There is no need to remember prescription numbers or wonder whether a prescription is ready to refill. With myPharmacyConnect, the information you need is right at your fingertips. If you still prefer to type in your prescription numbers, the Express Refill feature allows you to do just that.

RX Profile

The myPharmacyConnect prescription profile makes reviewing and refilling prescriptions simple. View prescription history and detailed prescription information, such as doctor, last and next fill dates, remaining refills and price paid.

Refill Reminders

Life is busy enough without having to remember when to refill your prescriptions. myPharmacyConnect can send you reminders when it’s time to refill, so you never have to worry about running out of your important medications. Choose from text, email and voice messages, then simply log in from your computer or smartphone to request your refills.

Auto Refills

myPharmacyConnect now offers even greater convenience and time savings with Auto Refills for prescriptions. Patients can easily select which prescriptions they want to activate for Auto Refills, and they will be queued to your pharmacy system automatically when they are due for a refill. Patients will also receive an automatic reminder message several days before the refill is processed.

Dependent Linking

Using this new feature, patients can easily manage prescriptions for their dependents without the need for separate profiles. Once a dependent is linked, viewing and managing their prescriptions is as simple as selecting the dependent’s name from a drop-down menu on the parent or guardian account.

Drug Information

Has your doctor prescribed a new medication or would you like to learn more about a specific drug? Use myPharmacyConnect’s Drug Lookup to search for the medication and read about its common uses, cautions, side effects and more.

Refill Line

Included with myPharmacyConnect is Refill Line, a simple IVR interface using our proprietary 1-855-MYREFILLS telephone number. There are no phone lines or hardware to install. Your patients simply enter their Rx number and birth date, then our technology does the rest.

Voice, Email and Text Alerts

No matter how you prefer to be contacted, myPharmacyConnect can accommodate you. You can easily configure your notifications to include voice messages, email alerts and text messages. Notifications include:

  • Prescription ready for pick-up
  • Refill Reminders
  • Pick-up Reminders
  • Refill Order Confirmations

Watch what current myPharmacyConnect customers have to say:

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