Analytics that drive financial, clinical, and operational growth for your pharmacy

Actionable Data

Meaningful Reporting

Simple and Innovative

MYDATAMART is a comprehensive business intelligence tool that unlocks the power of your data to allow your pharmacy to thrive in today’s complex and competitive marketplace. This pharmacy-centric tool helps you pinpoint specific opportunities to drive better business results and improve patient care.

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  • Identifies top areas of improvement through Key Performance Indicators
  • Emphasizes low-hanging fruit opportunities for valuable improvement
  • Allows you to drill into reports and filter and sort data to identify areas of greatest opportunity
  • Compares the performance of your store or group of stores to preset goals across important metrics
  • Provides robust business intelligence and analytical reporting to help you grow and manage your pharmacy business
  • Highlights important areas of the pharmacy business through daily reports
  • Allows you to receive many of your favorite reports via email according to a schedule that meets your business needs
  • Optimizes profitability and business growth through greater claims, product, and patient-level visibility
  • Enhances Star Ratings performance through elevated awareness of medication adherence, refill frequency, and quality performance
  • Leverages easy-to-use interactive dashboards
  • Enables you to create customized ad hoc reports through simple drag-and-drop filters
  • Fosters powerful business insights to enhance your pharmacy’s impact on patient care, while improving profitability