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Durable Medical Equipment Billing Solution


EZ-DME billing service is a low-cost solution that bills, tracks, and reconciles DME claims. Using your existing pharmacy system or our secure Internet portal, FDS’s EZ-DME Billing Services enables you to submit DME claims without tedious paper forms, special hardware, or special software to purchase or install. There are no setup charges and no percentage fees.



Data entry is simple and efficient. Each EZ-DME Medicare claim is verified in real time with the
CMS database for information such as patient coverage and deductible balances.

All EZ-DME claims go through EZ-DME’s extensive pre-submission edits to maximize the accuracy of submitted claims to speed up reimbursement. EZ-DME prompts you if a claim is incomplete and unable to be processed.


Speed and Security

EZ-DME’s secure Internet portal provides easy access to all your DME claims. Log in with your User ID and password and work any claims being held for additional information needed such as facility information or CMN.

If you have a DME billing question or want to know what you can bill or what modifiers you should use, you can call our toll-free support desk and speak with our knowledgeable representatives who bill Medicare every day.

  • Eliminate costly manual billing service fees

  • Faster reimbursements via electronic processing

  • Extensive front end editing on claims

  • Submit DME claims via our secure web portal or your pharmacy system

  • Manufacturer Rebate/Market share programs

  • Immunization billing with administration fee

  • Billing for primary and secondary claims

  • Flexible Reporting Tools

  • Eligibility verification

  • Experienced and knowledgeable customer service team

  • DME Billing for Medicare, Medicaid and Third Party/Commercial payors



EZ-DME offers several levels of service to fit the needs of any pharmacy, DME suplier, podiatrist,


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