Patient Management

Pharmacy Patient Management

Manage Your Patient’s Healthcare


eNGAGE is an efficient, coordinated service to meet the growing demands of Star Ratings, adherence and P4P measures while strengthening your patient relationships. Easily create and manage medication synchronization plans, take advantage of additional revenue from MTM opportunities and more from within one convenient location.

Medication Synchronization

  • Create and maintain med sync plans
  • Quickly update ‘quantity on hand’ for initial setup and ongoing maintenance of med sync programs
  • Automatically adds new refill prescription to patient’s med sync plan
  • IVR med sync confirmation call to patients to check for changes in medications
eNGAGE-MTM-ScreeneNGAGE MTM portal with single sign-on for
Mirixa and OutcomesMTM opportunities (click to enlarge)

MTM Opportunities

  • Mirixa and OutcomesMTM integration
  • Single sign-on from within eNGAGE to access and complete MTM opportunities
  • CMRs and TIPs

Patient Messaging

Extend the in-store relationship with patients by sending simple but meaningful messages expressing appreciation for their patronage, notifying them of important pharmacy services. Messaging is
automated, personalized and available by phone & text.

Star Ratings

  • Filter by Star Ratings measures or third party plan
  • Identify patients not meeting Star Ratings goals and easily review their medication history
  • Suppress intervention-based measures to correctly calculate your scores

Immunization Opportunities

Help your patients stay healthy while enhancing the year-round profitability of your pharmacy by never missing a vaccination opportunity again. eNGAGE automatically prompts you for a variety of immunization opportunities.

And More…

  • Flexible note section to track immunizations, allergies, and clinical data
  • Pharmacy and patient event scheduling
  • Patient visits metrics