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Med Sync 101

by Whitney Hanson, PharmD – Pharmacy Operations Consultant

Medication Synchronization, conceptualized in 2006, works around a concept known as the Appointment-Based Model (ABM). As opposed to filling prescriptions when a patient requests them, a pharmacy is able to utilize the ABM by aligning all fills of maintenance medications to an “anchor date” and scheduling an appointment with the patient to pick up their medications. During this appointment, the patient can be offered additional clinical services, such as vaccination opportunities, medication therapy management, or targeted medication review.

Medication synchronization improves the convenience of dispensing medications for patients, resulting in fewer trips to the pharmacy every month. With slight workflow adjustments, the pharmacy will no longer need to field as many phone calls for refills or provide as much clerk coverage at the register due to consolidated prescription pick-up. Medication synchronization programs benefit the pharmacy by improving patient adherence to maintenance medications, thus increasing revenue, improving patient satisfaction and positively influencing disease state management, and increasing CMS 5-Star Scores. Recent studies have been completed showing that patients enrolled in a medication synchronization program average 100 extra days of coverage per maintenance medication per year.

FDS’ eNGAGE service offers leading-edge med sync features that are not only fast and intuitive, they are easy to use and affordable. eNGAGE can help make your medication synchronization program easier to manage and more profitable. Learn more!

FDS, Inc. eNGAGE Integrated into QS/1® Workflow

Partnership with FDS’ eNGAGE Alert program, offers customers additional tools to increase patient adherence and improve overall patient outcomes.

Source: FDS, Inc.

(PRLEAP.COM) October 4, 2016 – Baltimore, MD – Today, FDS, Inc. announced that QS/1 has successfully integrated the eNGAGE Patient Management platform into QS/1′s workflow process.

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FDS, Inc. and SRS Pharmacy Systems Begin Strategic Partnership

New Services Designed to Improve Patient Care and Support Fair and Transparent Reimbursement for Pharmacists

Source: PRLeap

(PRLEAP.COM) September 20, 2016 – Baltimore MD – FDS, Inc. today announced a strategic partnership with SRS pharmacy Systems Computers to offer FDS’ myDataMart business analytics tools and enGAGE patient management services to their PKon Rx Pharmacy System customers

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